My Airport Express unit has died but I am trying to resurect it. Yes I have bought a new one but I will not be defeated!

The reason it has died is that an integrated circuit on the PCB is shorting out onto a nearby electrolytic capacitor. Big blue flash and the internal fuse blows. There is a small hole in the IC where the high voltage charge escapes and a burn hole on the capacitor. I cannot source a replacement for the IC (DMO265R) which means I cannot fix the power supply. The Power Supply is the Samsung PSCV070201A. It puts out 3.7 volts @# 1.21A and 5 volts @ 0.4A.

I read somewhere that someone has figured out how to run an APX module off batteries. There are six wires - 3 black, two orange and one red. Using a multi-meter the black of definately ground. I am guessing the two orange accept the 3.7Volt output and the red accepts the 5 volt output.

Can anyone confirm my theory on what the wires do? It would be nice to get this right before I complete trash what I think it left working.