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We’ve moved to the new CNET Mac Forums!
For nearly a decade MacFixIt has provided free forums for Mac users at MacFixItForums.com. Today we are introducing new Mac Forums in the CNET Forums. These changes are a direct result of our acquisition by CNET and allow us to provide a broader range of coverage, in addition to drawing on a new pool of knowledge and resources. As before, we will continue to provide timely and relevant commentary on Mac-related hardware and software issues and will be adding new features we hope you'll enjoy and appreciate. For additional information about this change please visit this thread: http://www.macfixitforums.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/475621
Special Topics
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The New CNET Mac Forums
The MacFixIt Forums have moved to the new CNET Mac Forums as of August 4th, 2009
2 110
Re: We’re moving to the ne...
(Mr. Gregg) - 08/04/09 06:06 AM
New Users
For those new to Macs or the Forums who prefer to get their feet wet in a smaller pond. Respondents, please pay extra attention to user knowledge and experience levels when answering questions here.
Moderator: alternaut, dianne, dkmarsh
6452 31698
Re: What is Stuffit Expand...
(Mr. Gregg) - 08/04/09 06:02 AM
Mac OS X Tips & Hints
DO NOT leave questions here! POST SOLUTIONS ONLY! You may copy/paste solutions from question threads in other forums.
Moderator: dkmarsh, MacManiac
339 903
Re: two targeted searches ...
(MicroMat Tech3) - 08/03/09 07:50 PM
Multimedia & Peripherals
Hardware & Software Troubleshooting
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iTunes & Apple’s Digital Devices
For troubleshooting iTunes, iTunes Store, iPod, podcast, Apple TV, and iPhone issues.
Moderator: cyn, dianne
680 2086
sending out emails using i...
(bgstreet57) - 08/04/09 07:10 AM
Audio, Video & Photography
MP3s, sound conversion, GarageBand, QuickTime, iMovie, iPhoto, cameras, etc.
Moderator: cyn, dianne
1698 5224
Re: iPhoto crash
(dianne) - 08/03/09 11:33 AM
Disc reading and burning, disc drives, Toast, iDVD, etc.
Moderator: alternaut, cyn
2000 6939
Re: Blu-Ray spits out disc...
(alternaut) - 08/03/09 04:43 PM
Printers & Printing
For problems with (yes, you guessed it) printers and printing.
Moderator: alternaut, cyn
2102 5955
Re: Please help- new Airpo...
(sturner--2008) - 07/31/09 09:26 AM
Peripherals & Handhelds
Troubleshooting external hard drives, flash drives, scanners, external monitors and keyboards, mice, PDAs, Bluetooth...in other words, issues with external devices not covered in other forums.
Moderator: alternaut, cyn
3277 10328
Re: second monitor w/ mic ...
(rockdog--2008) - 08/03/09 07:00 PM
Networking & Cross-Platform
Hardware & Software Troubleshooting
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
For help with AirPort and other wireless networking.
Moderator: dianne, MacManiac
2601 7890
Re: Time Capsule: Join a W...
(dianne) - 08/04/09 05:57 AM
Internet Related
For questions about getting online, web browsers, email, instant messengers, setting up a web site, blogs, .Mac, MobileMe, iDisk, iWeb, modems, dialup, DSL, Cable, firewalls, etc.
Moderator: alternaut, dianne, dkmarsh
5174 19613
Re: Can't sign in to Macto...
(dianne) - 08/04/09 06:00 AM
Networking, Servers, Cross-Platform
Local networks, ARD, VNC, OS X Server, Boot Camp, Parallels, Windows vs. Mac problems, etc. (Use Wireless forum for relevant topics.)
Moderator: joemikeb, MacManiac
2665 9011
Re: Keeping two G5 Pro mac...
(joemikeb) - 08/03/09 08:46 AM
Mac OS X Application Troubleshooting
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Microsoft Office for Mac OS X
Troubleshooting Office v. X, Office 2004 and Office 2008 applications: Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Virtual PC.
Moderator: cyn, joemikeb
3659 11900
Re: Entourage 2008 Hesitat...
(Rich B22) - 08/03/09 09:26 PM
OS X Applications & Utilities
For troubleshooting OS X software not covered in other forums. (Use Internet Related forum for email and browser questions.)
12138 44238
Re: Adobe Creative Suite a...
(Bob82xrp) - 08/03/09 09:37 PM
Mac OS X System Troubleshooting
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Mac OS X 10.5.x
For troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) *SYSTEM* issues only: installation, permissions, preferences, Finder, Dock, Spaces, Time Machine, etc.
Moderator: cyn, dkmarsh, joemikeb, MacManiac
1665 9394
Re: HD icon in finder, dis...
(artie505) - 08/03/09 11:57 PM
Mac OS X 10.4.x
For help with OS 10.4.x (Tiger) *SYSTEM* issues only: installation, permissions, preferences, Finder, Dock, Spotlight, FileVault, Migration Assistant, etc.
7117 40574
Re: Error at Disk Utility!
(artie505) - 08/03/09 11:31 PM
Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.3.9 (1 viewing)
For troubleshooting OS 10.0.x (Cheetah), 10.1.x (Puma), 10.2.x (Jaguar), and 10.3.x (Panther) *SYSTEM* issues only: installation, permissions, preferences, Finder, Dock, FileVault, updating/upgrading, etc.
Moderator: joemikeb, MacManiac
13876 67883
Re: Disk cleaner for OSX 1...
(MicroMat Tech3) - 08/03/09 07:45 PM
Hardware Troubleshooting
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Desktop Macs
Covers hardware issues in Mac Pros, Mac minis, iMacs, eMacs, Power Macs and earlier models: internal hard drives, RAM, logic board, built-in monitor, etc.
Moderator: alternaut, MacManiac
7421 32688
Re: troubleshooting nvidia...
(alternaut) - 08/03/09 04:50 PM
Portable Macs
MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook and PowerBook hardware issues: internal hard drive, RAM, logic board, display, keyboard, track pad, battery, etc.
Moderator: dianne, MacManiac
5456 21962
Re: Install to G3 powerboo...
(alternaut) - 08/03/09 07:41 PM
Legacy Software Troubleshooting
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Legacy Mac OS & Applications
For help with Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS 8.x and earlier OSes, legacy applications and utilities, and the Classic Environment in OS X.
Moderator: alternaut, dianne
2875 11857
Re: Beige G3 Video Help?
(alternaut) - 08/03/09 04:54 PM
MFIF Community
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Forums Feedback
For staff announcements and user suggestions/questions about the MacFixIt Forums. DO NOT post Mac troubleshooting questions here!
Moderator: alternaut, cyn
453 3486
Re: Address Book
(MicroMat Tech3) - 08/03/09 07:06 PM
The Lounge (1 viewing)
The place for discussion of just about any NON-troubleshooting topic, from aardwolves to zymosis, including Apple happenings and Mac news, cats (of course!) and 42.
Moderator: alternaut, cyn
2026 52992
Re: ...and to all, a goodn...
(portlandGuy) - 08/04/09 09:13 AM
Closed (Read-Only) Forums
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
SubRosaSoft: Data Recovery for Mac OS X
Discussion and support forum for SubRosaSoft's data recovery tools. Search and rescue for your files. (Forum closed 3/10/09.)
106 326
(Svladoiu) - 03/09/09 09:37 AM
Productivity and General Software (Pre-OS X) (2 viewing)
Covers word processors, DTP, graphics apps, utilities, etc. [For browsers, email, modems, etc., use Internet Related Help.] (Forum closed 9/28/07.)
545 1801
* Productivity and General...
(cyn) - 09/28/07 01:49 AM
Microsoft Office 2001
For the Office 2001 suite of applications. (Forum closed 9/28/07.)
206 701
* Microsoft Office 2001 fo...
(cyn) - 09/28/07 01:45 AM
Apple - i - Products + .Mac (1 viewing)
Troubleshoot iDisk, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iPod and iTunes here. (Forum closed 8/31/07.)
2521 7353
Re: iTunes 7 Video Playbac...
(eclipse525) - 07/31/07 12:26 PM
Music and Audio
MP3s, sound converstion and Pro Audio. (Forum closed 7/24/07.)
646 2596
Re: what do I need to down...
(pingopuck) - 07/03/07 10:38 PM
Other Multimedia
QuickTime and other multimedia matters. (Forum closed 7/24/07.)
370 813
* Other Multimedia forum c...
(cyn) - 06/29/07 12:07 AM
Utilities Mac OS X
Any program that helps you add features to OS X, not limited to disk utilites. (Forum closed 3/25/07.)
1757 9128
Re: Norton Confidential
(Anonymous) - 03/07/07 02:42 PM
Mac OS X Hardware
For problems with *peripheral* devices (printers, scanners, CD-RW drives, etc.) in Mac OS X. (Forum closed 3/25/07.)
4101 14734
Re: The Rise Of iSub (Agai...
(jefffstone) - 03/10/07 11:18 PM
Announcements (1 viewing)
For use by staff to impart important information to users. Look here for MacFixIt Forums news, surveys, feedback requests and site reports. Users may reply, but not create threads. (Forum closed 1/15/07.)
32 760
* Announcements forum clos...
(cyn) - 01/15/07 07:20 PM
Mac OS 1.1 - 8.6
Covers System 1 (ha!) and OS 7.x through Mac OS 8.6 problems. (Forum closed 1/07/07.)
357 1525
* Mac OS 1.1 - 8.6 forum c...
(cyn) - 01/07/07 06:35 PM
PDA including Palm, Visor, etc.
For troubleshooting Mac-to-Palm Organizer, Visor, and even Newton issues. (Forum closed 12/27/06.)
290 918
* PDA including Palm, Viso...
(cyn) - 12/27/06 05:41 AM
Mac OS X Server
Mac OS X Server and related applications questions. (Forum closed 7/31/06.)
424 1014
Re: will an xserve be fast...
(MDhaliwal) - 07/21/06 07:47 PM
Network Managers
For those who manage server-based Macintosh networks. (Forum closed 7/31/06.)
85 253
* Network Managers forum c...
(cyn) - 07/19/06 10:50 PM
Games and Edutainment
Educational software and games for OS X. (Forum closed 7/31/06.)
237 631
* Games and Edutainment fo...
(cyn) - 07/19/06 10:38 PM
MacFixIt HomePage Feedback
Forum closed 7/29/06.
74 355
* MacFixIt HomePage Feedba...
(cyn) - 07/29/06 08:15 AM
Utility Software (Pre-OS X)
Covers utilities from freeware/shareware to commerical; disk repair, enhancement, etc. (Forum closed 7/20/06.)
181 579
* Utility Software (Pre-OS...
(cyn) - 07/20/06 12:27 AM
Micromat’s Forum
Support forum for TechTool and other Micromat products (Forum closed 4/03/06.)
849 5223
* Forum Closed *
(cyn) - 04/03/06 11:34 AM
Tech Issues (1 viewing)
3/01/06 - Forum closed. Post new NON-troubleshooting topics in The Lounge.
800 13718
Re: The future of Firewire
(alternaut) - 02/07/06 12:52 PM
Symantec for Mac
Symantec support forum for Macintosh products. (Forum closed 2/28/05.)
860 5415
Re: Important news...
(cyn) - 02/28/05 09:09 PM
Aladdin Systems Software
Aladdin Systems answers your questions. (Forum closed 12/31/03.)
748 3551
Re: we'll miss you around ...
(cyn) - 12/31/03 04:31 PM

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