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#288569 - 07/02/05 09:19 AM itunes 4.9 lost artwork/mp3 shows as quicktime
little chicken Offline
New User

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 1
Uograded to 4.9. Some of my albums no longer show the artwork. When i ckick on the song and "get info" the "artwork "tab" is greyed out and file shows as a "quicktime movie file" under "summary/kind". In itunes the artwork window states "album artwork not modifiable". This appears to be with random albums. The files themselves show as mp3 but as stated under the get info tab they show as a quictime movie file. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

#288570 - 07/02/05 10:17 AM Re: itunes 4.9 lost artwork/mp3 shows as quicktime [Re: little chicken]
Hal Itosis Offline

Registered: 08/23/99
Posts: 7032
Loc: 10.5.7 (build 9J61)
First make sure each music file has exactly the proper
3 character extension at the end of its filename:
    .mp3 or .m4a or .m4p
-- each one preceeded by a 'dot' (period), of course.

If that's correct and the problem remains, try using a utility
(like FileInfo or FileXaminer or File Buddy) to verify and/or
assign the proper 4 character type and creator codes.

Did you know about this under OS9? Anyway, the creator
code for iTunes is 'hook' and type codes are as follows:

extension type code
.mp3 'MPG3'
.m4a 'M4A '
.m4p 'M4P '

Do NOT include the quotes ('), and note that there is a
space character after the last two.


Problems? # Have you <run fsck>? and/or <safe boot>? and/or <reset perms>?

#288571 - 07/07/05 08:25 PM Re: itunes 4.9 lost artwork/mp3 shows as quicktime [Re: Hal Itosis]
pshill Offline

Registered: 12/15/02
Posts: 76
Loc: League City, Texas
I just updated to 4.9 and had the same problem. Many of my MP3s show quicktime videos as the kind and have the artwork tab greyed.
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#288572 - 07/07/05 08:41 PM Re: itunes 4.9 lost artwork/mp3 shows as quicktime [Re: little chicken]
Kevin M. Dean Offline

Registered: 11/17/99
Posts: 1660
Loc: Orlando, FL
I was able to use FileUtilsCM to fix the mp3 showing as a quicktime problem.

Once installed, select the problem files in the finder and right-click-->File Utils-->Set Type & Creator From Extension

This may actually change the file icons to quicktime mp3 icons. If you want you can then Get Info and change the Open With back to iTunes.

Then inside iTunes I simply started playing a problem track and that triggers it to update it's info and changed from being a quicktime back to an mpeg file.


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